Ways to Stay Informed: LAPD Pacific Division and Other Sources

The LAPD Pacific Division wants to hear from us when necessary, and at our inaugural AKT neighborhood meeting on January 21, 2015, handed out this flier to share all of that contact information:

012115_Five Points of Contact

They understandably asked that we not start at the top, with the Pacific Division captains—please start by contacting the senior lead officers (SLOs), the boots on the ground. 

We will also see about getting a non-scanned, dynamic text version of this PDF so it’s easier to click on and copy info from.

The officers also shared their social media channels to follow, which will help all of us know what’s going on in our neighborhood and what the LAPD is up to.

The AKT organizing committee would also like to suggest three other ways to stay informed about our neighborhood:

  • Venice311 (great neighborhood resource—especially Twitter feed, if you ever want to know why those helicopters are up there in a specific moment)
  • Subscribe to the Venice Update Newsletter (newsletter is far more robust than website)
  • YoVenice (now less of a resource since its amazing founder died)
  • Venice Stakeholders Association (amazing resource for legal issues and, as an organization, activist that battles on our behalf such as as public safety, the problems caused to Venice residents by transient encampments, and parking; if you believe in what they’re doing, please contribute money to the organization)