8 thoughts on “Neighbors’ Contact Information”

  1. Hi Amy,

    We understand your reluctance about giving your street address, but the explicit purpose of this group is to unite neighbors in the Abbot Kinney Triangle, and we need addresses to know who’s in the triangle vs. other neighbors who want to stay informed and involved through our blog and newsletter (and yay to all!). Please accept our assurances that addresses will never be made public and only a few people are admins on the mailing list. If not, we understand.

    —Abbot Kinney Triangle folks

  2. How can I get more info as far as contributing to VSA?
    I don’t feel comfortable as of yet.

  3. Hi i live onUNited States Island aka St. Marks island aka 501-519 Altair pl
    Thank u for your work and including me. I am responding to the invitation that i received in my mailbox.
    I look fwd to participating. Cheers!

  4. Hi Marc,

    Thanks for your response! Please sign up for our newsletter on the upper right of our site. Thanks!

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