AKT Volunteers Need Your Help! Please Volunteer!

We who have founded the AKT Neighbor Association need your help. We’re just humble volunteers ourselves, contributing our time and money to get this important movement off the ground. 

Here’s how you can help:

  • Volunteer to be on the organizing committeeThere are five or six of us who have taken the initiative to start this group, discuss our initial goals, distribute fliers, and organize our website, email blasts and this first meeting. While we are all dedicated to the improvement of our neighborhood and will continue to work hard to keep our group going strong, we need help! With over 180 residents signed up and membership continuing to rise, we really need more people to join our organizing committee. This will be a smaller group that meets approximately once a month and shares the administrative and organizational duties that it will take to keep our momentum going strong and continue the AKT’s efforts.
  • Volunteer to be a block captain.
  • Contribute money and time. We don’t yet have a money contribution method but will organize that soon. The organizing committee has contributed the money for us to run the website, print out fliers, and buy refreshments and rent chairs for the meeting. We can’t do that forever Also, it takes a lot of work. We are all volunteers—please help us whenever you can!

Other ways to help:

To help in any way, or for questions, please email us.