Abbot Kinney Triangle, Email of January 13, 2015

Howdy, Abbot Kinney Triangle Neighbors—

Thank you once again for adding your name to the Abbot Kinney Triangle Neighbors Association. Together we will protect our neighborhood and, by getting to know each other, enjoy doing it! We are happy to report that we are now 165 subscribers strong, up from 110 since our first email blast.

Please join us at our first neighborhood meeting. The meeting will be held in a private home on Rialto between Andalusia and Navarre Court.

  • Wednesday, January 21
  • 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (official business to start at 7:30 p.m.)
  • Private residence, Rialto Ave. between Andalusia and Navarre Court
  • Please RSVP on EventBrite to get the exact address (click for link)
  • We’ll be renting chairs and serving drinks and snacks, so please pretend like you don’t live in LA and actually RSVP!

Our current mission has two prongs:

  1. Assuring that we residents are doing all we can to keep ourselves safe
  2. Asking city officials to better serve us in to-be-outlined specific ways

The focus of this meeting will be the first goal: doing what we can to protect our own neighborhood, as follows:

  1. Sharing a list of other simple actions we can all take to make our neighborhood safer
  2. Organizing ourselves into block captains and neighborhood safety watches, per the LAPD’s existing programs
  3. Outlining what being a block captain entails
  4. Asking for block captain volunteers
  5. Beginning to organize the installation of Neighborhood Watch signs

Once we are doing all we can as residents, we will be in a better position to assess our needs from the LAPD and the City of Los Angeles, which will be the focus of a subsequent meeting.

Two LAPD representatives will be in attendance for expertise and questions: Sergeant Kevin Lowe, supervisor of all Pacific Division Senior Lead Officers (SLOs), and SLO Pete Abskharon.

Please note: weather permitting, this will be an indoor/outdoor event.  Please dress accordingly.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, January 21!


Emergency contact information:

  • 911 for in-progress crimes and life-threatening emergencies
  • Police dispatch: (818) 734-2223
  • LAPD Pacific Division: (310) 482-6334
  • Senior Lead Officer Peggy Thusing: Mobile (310) 622-3968,[email protected]
  • Abandoned Vehicles: 800-ABANDON (222-6366)
  • Graffiti Problems: 311
  • Councilman Mike Bonin’s office (council district 11): (310) 568-8772,[email protected]
  • Cecilia Castillo, Mike Bonin’s CD11 Venice Deputy: [email protected]